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Adult Support Section

At ZGBTST, we offer a wide range of counselling services for individuals from 8 years and above. Current we accept referrals from clients themselves, family members, friends, schools, youth groups, GP services, mental health practitioners, family intervention teams, social workers, other agencies, CHMT and CAMHS.

Our counsellors are qualified in the following areas of practice and we are very proud to have them give voluntary hours to ZGBTST:

  1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  2. Person Centred Therapy
  3. Music Therapy
  4. Psychotherapy
  5. Expressive Art Therapy
  6. Youth Therapy

Once our clients initial consultations have been conducted, the clients notes are discussed with our board which recommend the type of counselling sessions in which the client is to be placed. This can be accepted or denied by our clients and a different method will be suggested.

At ZGBTST we do not limit our clients to a number of sessions, we continue their support for as long as necessary, we find this an important approach and it holds value with all of our clients.

Upon discharge from any of ZGBTST services, clients are given a 3 monthly review and if needed, can be placed back with their counsellor as per our treatment pathway.

For more information on obtaining support from ZGBTST please contact: or complete our ‘online referral form’ to be contacted by a member of ZGBTST.

We also offer placement opportunities for students completing their degrees in counselling as part of our ‘bettering services’ mission. Availability for placements are advertised on our Volunteer section.

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