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Community Section

As part of our mission statement ZGBTST strives to increase the knowledge of our local community on the topic of mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

ZGBTST conducts regular workshops, presentations, interviews and talks within local groups and organisations to increase the knowledge of the wider community.

To date we have conducted over 100 workshops ranging from but not limited to:

  • Bereaved by suicide
  • Understanding mental health (5 part series)
  • Service Navigation
  • Mental Health and Addiction
  • Mental Health and Social Media
  • Boosting Mental Health (5 part series)
  • Breaking Down Barriers (3 part series)
  • My Mental Health and Me (Youth Series)

ZGBTST has been lucky enough to be a community go to with regards to mental health education, the above titles have been developed by our founder Yasmin Geddis and each one is uniquely tailored to the group in which we have been invited to present.
At every event, attendees are given a wellbeing pack along with the details on how to gain more support/further increase their knowledge of mental health awareness.

We have presented educational pieces for many local organisations such as: Ballymoney Rugby Club, Millburn Primary School, Community Rescue Service, Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University, Coleraine College, Education Authority, IQAQ Belfast and more.

If you wish to get in touch about arranging an educational mental health talk for your group, please contact us. 

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