About Us

The Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust was launched in October 2017 on what would have been Zachary’s 21st Birthday. 


Zachary Geddis died through suicide on March 18th 2017, leaving behind a devastated family and community. It became evident after his passing that more mental health provision was needed across Northern Ireland to help other individuals struggling everyday, to reach out, feel safe and understood in a caring and compassionate environment. 


ZGBTST was developed through the needs of the community and has grown into the first stop for immediate mental health services across the Causeway Coast and Glens. With an average of 150 weekly clients, what used to be an online one woman team has now grown into a relied on, trusted community service. 


ZGBTST offers a multi pillar approach to service delivery, with individual screening of every client to ensure they are allocated the appropriate and relevant service that meets their needs. 


We aim to make a difference, not only with services that are requested by the community but also to advocate for change within the system to protect and prevent further mental health deterioration, we also promise to continue breaking the silence on mental health issues. Sharing our personal experiences, our thoughts and our recommendations for a better future. 


To my brother – I love you, Always. 


Y x


Mission Statement

ZGBTST is a non profit charitable organisation dedicated to raising mental health awareness and decreasing the stigma surrounding suicide. 

As part of our mission statement, ZGBTST has 6 aims and objectives which we continuously develop and work upon through the changing needs of our community.

Aims and Objectives of The Zachary Geddis Break The Silence Trust

  1. To establish, demonstrate and act upon the need for more accurate, immediate and individual mental health services across Northern Ireland. 
  2. To continuously promote ‘Not all wounds are visible’ 
  3. To advocate as a voice for those suffering with mental health issues and/or bereaved by suicide. 
  4. To liaise with current service providers to decrease current waiting lists.  
  5. To educate community members on the importance of mental health awareness through workshops, presentations, videos and campaigning. 
  6. To maintain ZGBTST as a permanent legacy of Zachary Geddis.

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